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Posted: July 4, 2012 in Female, Make Up, Photo Shoot


Red Hot

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Female, Make Up, Photo Shoot

Ice Queen

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Female, Make Up, Photo Shoot

This was the first photoshoot I did with super awesome photographer Aaron Belford upon my arrival in Yuma! The model we used is none other than his beautiful wife, Ashley…  I really like working on her specifically because she has such a transformable look, she takes my vision as well as Aarons to this place that exceeds even my own wildest expectations… and she works well in front of the camera. Now… just a little blurb, (or more depending on how carried away i get) about the work that went into this look… One of the best things about Ashley is that she has her eyebrows tattooed on, which I absolutely love. For this look, I of course did her eyes first… Since her eyebrows are tattooed… it was easy for me to get Artifact* paint pot and just blew it out all the way from her lash line to above her brow, extending it outward towards her temple and underneath her eyes down to her cheeks. Next, I got Blacktrak* creme liner and went over her lid from lashline to her crease, then pulled it underneath her eye and extended it towards her nose. Working with this in her crease…I took care to blend it upward in her crease and blended it with my finger all around her eye, giving it a smoky look… (sidenote, I left a little space in the corners of her eyes to add Nylon*) Then, taking Coppering* eyeshadow with a blending brush, I blended it from her crease all the way up, out and under using circular buffing motions to blend it out and prevent lines from being visible.

Next, and in the same spirit as what I did with Coppering, using another blending brush, I used Carbon* eyshadow on top of Black track to give it that real black smokey  finish, buffing it all over her lid, on the corners of her eyes and underneath them. Now, I took Nylon* eyeshadow and used that in the corners of her inner eye to help brighten the look, but still keeping the integrity of the look I created… I used a small eyeshadow brush to apply it right in the corner and slightly up on her lid as well as underneath. I mascara’d her eyelashes and moved on to her foundation. Now I am a firm believer that skin should be properly hydrated and clean before any makeup, even for everyday, can be applied. For this shoot I prepped the skin using Mineralize* all over body lotion.  To prime the skin, used Girl meets pearl~ with a flat paddle foundation brush.

Next,  for her foundation, I used HD foundation cover¥ and buffed it in circular motions, taking care to blend into the smokiness of the eyes. I also buffed it down her neck to her shoulders. Now because HD makeup is a matte finish, I didn’t use any powder to set. To finish off the look I used lipstick# as both a liner using a lipliner brush as well as full lip color application. I over extended her lip just slightly in the cupids bow to give the lip a fuller look. Then with Nylon* I applied just a touch in the center of the lower and upper lip to create a more 3d look… And that is that… thank you for reading! I will be updating my site continuously!


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